About - Nikola Stajic
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Jazz guitarist Nikola Stajic’s fusion style blends sophisticated traditional Balkan music with jazz harmony and improvisation. He is known for his percussive acoustic fingerstyle and organic use of odd meters. As a young child in Serbia, Stajic taught himself to play guitar, until the age of fourteen when he got accepted to the Stankovic School of Music as a Guitar Jazz Performer. He recorded and performed with many well-known artists around the country and won a GUITAR ART competition in jazz solo guitar style. In 2009 he was discovered by Berklee faculty members who were scouting for talent across the globe. He was awarded a full scholarship for Berklee’s summer camp in Perugia, Italy. At the camp he got a full tuition scholarship for Berklee’s 5-week program for next year, where he was awarded with a scholarship for studying at the college. Shortly after that, Stajic was seen by Australian virtuoso guitarist Tommy Emmanuel, who further supported his education by awarding him presidential scholarship. After the first year of his education, he became a scholar of Delta Foundation from Serbia, who supported Nikola all the way until his graduation.